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Pinamalatikan Falls is located at Sitio Pinamalatikan, Barangay Samay. It is 25 meters tall and the cascading waters from the mountain fall on a wide pond and create a strong current down deep.

The term Pinamalatikan is believed to have originated from the word “limatik” or “alimatok” (leeches) that lives in the tress during the old days when the place was rich in different variety of trees. Sadly, unregulated logging activities somehow damaged the forest.

Pinamalatikan falls is different from the other waterfalls in Ragay because of its deep swimming hole wherein no one has reached the end of it. It is advised that the tourist has enough skills to swim.

It is the locals who mostly visit the falls especially during summer season. Customarily, the barangay officials or tanods accompany or guide the tourists in hiking up and down the falls.

The primary mode of transportation going to the falls is by walking or riding a horse in a safe trail for about 3 kilometers starting from the barangay hall. Some residents own a number of horses for transporting goods and for other purposes.

It would really be easy for the tourist if they will contact the barangay officials earlier so that the latter can notify the horse-owners for a rental fee of ₱300.00.

Barangay Samay can be reached by riding a tricycle or habal- habal (motorized bike) from the downtown Ragay up to the barangay hall of Samay. The fare going to the barangay is around ₱50 to ₱60.

Note: This is going to be a guided tour, so if you are planning to visit this attraction, make sure to coordinate with the Municipal Tourism Office for safety and convenience.

Official Website of the Municipality of Ragay