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Possessing fine sand, crystal clear water and breath taking natural scenery makes Ogtoc point an ideal nature trip. This island is located at Sitio Ogtoc, Barangay Buenasuerte with total land area of 93 hectares. Technically, it is called Saboon Island, but to the locals they simply call it “Ogtoc”, and to the nature lovers they call it “Paradise Island”. As to where the name “ogtoc” derived from remains a mystery.

The island is perfect for nature-based, sun and beach, marine and water sports tourism activities. The main activities in the island are swimming and sun bathing, but for those who love sea adventures such as snorkeling, scuba diving, island hopping, sailing/boating, kayaking, canoeing and marine life observation, the marine protected areas are the best spots. The island can also offer other recreational activities that will provide satisfying experiences to visitors like beach and wilderness camping, hiking, team building, family or peer bonding, trainings and many more.

Having the best time of your life in the island will not be complete without witnessing this wonderful moment that separates night and day. Get to the island as early as possible to capture the rising sun across the mountain of the east until it descends to the horizon of the west. And if you’re lucky enough, the “nabarko” sand bar as the locals call it, emerges from the water during low tide. 

Additional attraction to the island is a man-made watchtower constructed on the top of Pinong Dahon islet that gives an overlooking 360˚ view of the entire island and the gulf of Ragay.

This island can be visited anytime of the year except during bad weathers. But the best time to visit the same will be during summer, from the month of March to May.

The island is energized by local electric cooperative. But since it is isolated from the mainland, other utilities and amenities such as water supply, food and lodging houses are not yet in placed. Poor signal of communication networks may be experienced in some part of the island.

The nearest point of going to the island is from Brgy. San Rafael. But it can also be reached from Sitio Apad-aparan of Brgy. Buenasuerte and Sitio Mamalao of Brgy. Binahan Proper which are also near therefrom. The mode of transportation going to the island is via sea travel using motorboat/banca with a rental fee ₱ 1,000, back and forth, for a maximum number of 10-15 persons. It will take a 20-minute boat ride to reach the island.

Ogtoc has a lot more to offer. All you have to do is to visit the island to prove it for yourself.

Note: For safety and convenience, coordinate with the Municipal Tourism Office.








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