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Marine Products

9 barangays of Ragay are situated along the gulf. Fisherfolks of these barangays produce tons of marine resources every day. These include the production of prawn and crabs

from brackish water which is proven better in terms of taste and texture.

Other barangays also produce and market products of their own such as “tuyo” (dried fish) and “tinapa” of Barangays Tagbac and Catabangan Proper; “bukayo” of Barangay Samay; and “buri” (Corypha elata Roxb) of Barangays Lower Sta. Cruz and Upper Sta. Cruz. Buri fibers are made into artworks such as fans, bags, mats, placemats, hats and many other household necessities.

These local products and crafts are ideal not only as souvenir items and delicacies for tourists but also as create a distinct identity of products particular only to the municipality of Ragay.

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