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Hidden in lush green rainforest, a 30-minute hike down the steep and rocky hill will take you to Maglagingling Falls. This beautiful waterfall has an approximate height of 50 feet and forms a natural cold pool for visitors to relax and swim in. Without a doubt, the turquoise catch basin and perfect natural surrounding will captivate anyone who is going to see it.

Local folklore tells that the name Maglagingling is believed to have derived from the word/sound “tagingting”, a jingling and reverberating sound created by a giant fresh water eel (anguilla marmorata) whenever it blocked the flow of water cascading to the falls signaling an upcoming bad weather.

But what really unique and distinct about this enchanting waterfall is its “hot spring” as the locals call it. After a minute of hike deep in the jungle, these small break away warm water cascading from the mountain, once flow into your body, will melt away your pain, make you fell relax and rejuvenate your soul.

Maglagingling Falls is located at Barangay Caditaan. Lies in the upland part of Ragay, take time to momentarily stop and don’t miss the chance watching the panoramic view of Ogtoc

Island and the overlooking vista of Ragay Gulf along with chirping birds as the fresh breeze of the wind gently touches your skin.
From the town proper, take a 15-minute jeepney ride to Barangay Liboro crossing. From there, take a 20-minute trimobile or habal-habal or topdown (motorized bike) with a rental fee of ₱ 50.00 going to the tricycle terminal of Barangay Caditaan.

Then, take a 1.5 kilometer walk and an approximate 500- meter rocky trek down to Maglagingling falls.

Reminder: if you are planning to visit the falls make sure that you are physically fit and have experiences in hiking. Wear protective gears and hiking outfit, bring the necessary things that will help you during the hike, always keep yourself hydrated and, of course, bring your own food.

Note: This is going to be a guided tour, so if you are planning to visit this attraction, make sure to coordinate with the Municipal Tourism Office for safety and convenience.

Official Website of the Municipality of Ragay