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Food Hub

Small restaurants or eateries registered in the Municipal Treasury Office are also present, namely:

  1. Kusina ni  Aling  Tacing  –  located  at  the  town proper;
  2. Lea Con Lei – located at Sitio Sampaloc, Banga Caves. Along Andaya Highway;
  3. Maymay Kambingan – Sitio Nabuntogan, Banga Caves – located along Andaya Highway;
  4. Little Zuki  Food  Hub  –  located at  Sitio  Cahupa,   Agrupacion – located Along Andaya Highway.
  5. Franks Burgers – located at Poblacion Iraya.
  6. Dimsum – located at Poblacion

These eateries offer local cuisines, short order menus, kambing delicacies like papaitan and caldereta, bulalong baka, seafood such as, but not limited to, prawn and crab delicacies.

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