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Binaliw Falls hides behind the steeply jungle ravine with its opulent rain forest vegetation. From a distance, a roaring sound of splashing water and sprays will be heard. As the

roar increases, the more it is hypnotizing that you can no longer wait to have a close encounter with this natural spectacle.

As the waterfall finally appears, it is tempting to jump right in and swim. The avalanche of water masses rushes down an overhanging rock and the impact zone of cascading water is the basin or pool inviting swimmers with its cool water. You can also hide behind the curtain of waters and enjoy the sounds of pounding waters.

Remember, though, there are no lifeguards here. So watch out for slippery rocks and wear life jacket if you are not expert swimmer. And most importantly, do not jump into the rushing waterfalls due to strong current that may bring you down deep.

Binaliw Falls is approximately 8-meter tall. Not so tall unlike the other waterfalls in Ragay, but it is immensely beautiful. The water glides down to Paculago River, which is also ideal for swimming and other river adventures, all the way to its resting place, the Ragay Gulf.

Binaliw Falls is located at Sitio Binaliw, Barangay Cabadisan. The barangay was formerly named “kabatisan” since it is surrounded by “batis” (spring) until the name evolved to cabadisan through the passage of time.

The best time to visit the waterfall is during summer to avoid muddy trek. But remember, if you are planning to visit the

falls make sure that you are physically fit and have experiences in hiking. Wear protective gears and hiking outfit, bring the necessary things that will help you during the hike, always keep yourself hydrated and, of course, bring food to eat.


• From the town proper, take a 20-minute jeepney ride to Barangay GRS crossing. From there, take a 16- kilometer ride via trimobile or habal-habal or topdown (motorized bike) with a rental fee of
₱100.00 going to Barangay Plaza of Cabadisan.

• From barangay plaza, a 40-minute hike will take you to the waterfall. During the hike, you will meet some villagers who usually get fresh vegetables from the mountain and will accompany you for a while.

• Then, take an approximate 400-meter steep slope down to Binaliw falls.

Note: This is going to be a guided tour, so if you are planning to visit the falls soon, make sure to coordinate with the Municipal Tourism Office.

Official Website of the Municipality of Ragay