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This waterfall got its name from the barangay where it is located – Barangay Baya. Said barangay derived its name from the word “binayaan” (abandoned) when said place was deserted by residents for lack of supply of potable water back then. At present, water sources are in place but not potable so the residents buy water to drink.

Behind this story are the hidden waterfalls which are the ones of the “must try” to visit the area: the Baya Falls, Digoy Falls, and Hagaygay Falls. A not yet explored and unpopular attractions but will surely mesmerize anyone who is going to see them.

Surrounded by trees and shrubs, the start of the trail is flat which is manageable, but be ready as you go by and hike to daunting and steep section. Ascending is the hardest and most challenging part of your adventure. After 30 minutes of slow pace hiking, enjoy the beautiful multi-tiered mini-falls locally known as “Sadit Na Falls or Digoy Falls which is the best place to have a water body massage. The water rushes down to a small basin which is perfect for swimming with your friends.

As you resume your trek for about another 45 minutes, you will reach the magnificent 30-meter high Baya Falls. The

water from the mountain cascades to a cold basin and so tempting to dive and submerge in it.

If you are aiming for more adventure, you may resume for another 30-45 minute trek going to Hagayhay Falls, the highest waterfall in Ragay. It will be relaxing to just sit and watch the water cascading from above. The sound of gushing water is such music to the ears.

These waterfalls are still unexploited since only the locals consume and enjoy these natural resources. No cottages and entrance fees are collected yet.

From the town proper, ride a trimobile going to Barangay Baya for ₱30 and drop off at Baya-Salvacion crossing. Remember though, that going to these waterfalls is primarily trekked by walking.

Note: For safety and convenience, coordinate with the Municipal Tourism Office.

Official Website of the Municipality of Ragay