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Amenities / Support Facilities

Support facilities present in Ragay include accommodation, financing, medical entities, eateries, and local crafts that can cater the basic needs of tourists.


No matter what purpose of the visit is, there are 3 lodging facilities situated along Andaya Highway where tourists and motorists can stay, namely:

  1. Rica Rich Lodge Inn;
  2. Ng Hua Lodging; and
  3. 24/7 Lodge Inn.

Rica Rich Lodge Inn

Offers single bedrooms, double bed rooms and family room for affordable prices. For 3 hours stay, the price is ₱250 for ordinary rooms and ₱300 for air conditioned rooms. For overnight stay, the price ranges from ₱450-₱1000. Each room contains TV set and comfort rooms.

Ng Hua Lodging

Have 3 to 4 single and double bedrooms. They offer very affordable rate ranging from ₱300- ₱400 per night. Each room is fully air-conditioned with television and private comfort room. They also offer bed and- breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.

24/7 Lodge Inn

Is a 2-storey building with 12 rooms. This lodge inn offers not only the amenities mentioned above but also family rooms which can accommodate five to six persons ranging from ₱400 to ₱450 per night.

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