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Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and promote your overall health.

Nutrition Program also focused on children under two and uses monthly growth monitoring and promotion to involve families and community members in assessing health and nutrition-related problems, analyzing causes of these problems, taking action and monitoring progress.

Nutrition problems to be addressed

High levels of stunting and wasting among children under-five years of age, with levels that have remained unchanged over the years. Also stunting is relatively low among infants 0-11 months old, but is significantly higher among one-year-old. The prevalence of stunting remains high for the older children.

In our municipality stunting is also our main problem among all the indicators showed in the reports submitted of BNS where they are assigned.

We have identified problem in what are the causes of having more stunted children in our municipality according to the studies, the first 1000 days are a window of opportunity because this is when improvements in nutrition can have the greatest impact in populations with poor nutrition, despite the facts that LGU allotted enough and adequate budget to Nutrition program to sustain good intervention and activities such as supplemental feeding, dietary supplementation program, mothers class, validation of reports, conduct yearly nutrition month celebration, promotion on First One Thousand Days ni Baby, Procured Nutrition supplies and food packs. Strengthening capacity building, hiring and training, of manpower need for technical support. These are the yearly activities that implemented yearly.

Last July we conducted Nutrition Month Celebration amidst the pandemic, we emphasized this year’s theme “Batang Pinoy Sana Tall, Iwas Stunting Sama All” Iwas All din sa Covid 19. Our participants were all the pregnant women who formally informed by the Nurses and Midwives assigned in their respective barangay. The activities involved to give significant to the theme are:
Lecture on First One Thousand Days ni Baby, Question and Answer portion, related to the topic discussed during celebration, Presentation of “My Very Own Healthy Recipe” from the selected pregnant mother, giving food packs to pregnant mothers to be consumed for 1 month. Milk and Egg Feeding after discussion and the most awaited part of the participants are the prizes such alcohol, baby oil and cotton. All of these nutrition commodities and prizes given by LGU Ragay as part of Nutrition Month Celebration.

As far as the activities concerned, our Nutrition program that we are currently conducting are the supplementation feeding for 12-59 months old children who are identified as wasted and severely wasted based from the OPT reports submitted by Nutrition Coordinator. Champorado and Rice porridge beef and chicken flavored are distributed by those BNS assigned in 38 barangays of Ragay and supervised by Nurses and Midwives during SF implementation.

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