Office of the Municipal Administrator

Citizen’s Charter
  • Assist in the over-all supervision on municipal government operation
  • Be in the frontline of the delivery of administrative support services to those situations before, during and after man made and natural disaster and calamities.
  • Assist the office of the Municipal mayor in the implementation of various program, project, activites and policies.
  • Attend meetings/trainings/seminars conference.


as the needs arises

as the needs arises

as the needs arises

Adolfo G. Bonto, Jr.

Adolfo G. Bonto, Jr.

Adolfo G. Bonto, Jr.

Adolfo G. Bonto, Jr.

  • Approval of AICS in behalf of the Municipal Mayor.
  • Approval of Barangay Travel Order to rank and file employees and job order personnel in behalf of the Municipal Mayor.
  • Preparation of Work schedule of Public Safety Officer, Drivers and Maintenance Personnel
  • Technical and Secretariat Service for procurement processes of various transaction of the Office of the Muncipal Administrator
  • Correspondence and Secretariat Service
  • Assist in handling walk-in clients
  • Assists in monitoring and handling traveled vehicles
  • Dissemination of communication with other department/organization
  • Maintain comprehensive files of the Office of the Municipal Administrator

1 min.

3 mins.

1 hour

15-20 mins.

30 mins.

As the needs arises

As the needs arises

15 mins.


Adolfo G. Bonto, Jr./Gemma palomares/Francisca Razon

Adolfo G. Bonto, Jr.

Adolfo G. Bonto, Jr./ Leane, Acuesta/Mida J. Gamier

Leane Acusta/ Mida J. Gamier

Leane Acusta/Mida J. Gamier

GemmaPalomares/Francisca Razon/ Leane Acuesta/ Mida J. Gamier

Ralph dacuan/ Samson Severa

Samson Severa/ Ralph Dacuan/ Gemma Palomares/ Francisca Razon

Leane Acusta/ Mida J. Gamier

  • Supervises the Public Safety Office
regularlyAdolfo G. Bonto, Jr.
  • Maintains Cleanliness of the Municipal Compound and Premises
  • Maintains cleanliness of the Municipal Administrator
  • Manages and maintains assigned government properties including the preparation of schedule of sound system, vehicle, patient for dialysis, for check up and other government facilities.
  • Set up sound system for program and activities\
  • Other intervenings tasks

1 hour and 30 mins.


3-5 mins.

30 mins. to 1 hour

As the needs arises

Maintenance Personnel

Jose Inciong/ Samson Severa

Adolfo G. Bonto, Jr./ Mida J. Gamier

Sound System Operators

Adolfo G. Bonto, Jr.

Public Reports for Posting

  • PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICER’s Information Desk

  • Driver’s Lounge (whiteboard)

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