Municipal Engineering Office

National Building Code Forms

  1. Application Change of Use or Occupancy
  2. Application for Certificate of Occupancy
  3. Architectural Permit
  4. Building Permit
  5. Certificate of Annual Electrical Inspection
  6. Certificate of Annual Inspection
  7. Certificate of Completion
  8. Certificate of Electrical Inspection for Temporary Power Connection
  9. Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection
  10. Certificate of Occupancy
  11. Certificate of Operation Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration
  12. Certificate of Operation Automatic Manual Transfer Switch
  13. Certificate of Operation Elevator Dumbwaiter
  14. Certificate of Operation Escalator
  15. Certificate of Operation Gas Pipe and or Burner
  16. Certificate of Operation Generators UPS
  17. Certificate of Operation HV-MV Primary Disconnecting Means
  18. Certificate of Operation Incoming Low Voltage Switchgear
  19. Certificate of Operation Indoor Outdoor Station Transformer
  20. Certificate of Operation Internal Combustion Engine
  21. Certificate of Operation Lighting Distribution Panels
  22. Certificate of Operation Machinery
  23. Certificate of Operation Motor Control Centers
  24. Certificate of Operation Power Distribution Panels
  25. Certificate of Operation Steam Boiler
  26. Certificate of Operation Unfired Pressure Vessels
  27. Certificate of Use
  28. Civil Structural Permit
  29. Construction Logbook Sheet
  30. Demolition Permit
  31. Electrical Permit
  32. Electronics Permit
  33. Endorsement to CMFM re-Application for Building Permit
  34. Endorsement to CMFM re-Completion of Construction
  35. Excavation Permit
  36. Fencing Permit
  37. Inspection Report
  38. Mechanical Permit
  39. Moving Permit
  40. Notice of Construction
  41. Notice of Illegal Electrical Installation
  42. Notice of Illegal Mechanical Installation
  43. Notice of Mechanical Requirements
  44. Notice of Unsafe Electrical Installation
  45. Notice of Violation
  46. Order of Payment
  47. Permit for Temporary Service Connection
  48. Plumbing Permit
  49. Raising Permit
  50. Repair Permit
  51. Sanitary Permit
  52. Scaffolding Permit
  53. Sidewalk Construction Permit
  54. Sign Permit
  55. Temporary Sidewalk Enclosure and Occupancy Permit

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