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Municipal Accounting Office

Service Pledge

The Office of the Municipal Accountant is primarily in charged of Financial Statement Preparation. Hence, it’s official function task for safeguarding of government funds, ensure proper utilization for the benefits of the constituents and aim to inform the management of the status and resources available for the implementation of programs, projects and activities necessary for community development.

To achieve this, following are activities/function of this office

ActivitiesResponse TimeAccountable Officer
Review of disbursement vouchers and supporting documentsDailyRDJ/RAC
Certified as to completeness of supporting documentsDailyRAC
Certified as to allotment obligated for the purposeDailyRAC
Assign serial numbers for each disbursement and collectionDailyRVB
Releases disbursement vouchers for check issuancesDailyRVB/HAA
Preparation of Advice of Checks Issued for final paymentsDailyRDJ/RAC/HAA/FARR
Prepararion of various remiitances due to BIR, PHILHEALTH,  
GSIS, PAG-IBIG, and other employees’ Loan RepaymentsMonthlyRAC/RVB/RDJ
Preparation Abstract of Real Property TaxesDailyRVB
Receive Treasury Reports for Collection and DepositsDailyRAC/MLM
Receive Treasury Reports for Checks Issued with its supporting  
documents(Disbursement Vouchers and its Offcial Receipts)WeeklyRVB/RAC/HAA/MLM
Preparation of journal entry voucher for every report of disbursements,  
collections, deposits, cash disbursements and adjustments if  
Assign serial number for every transactionsDailyRVB/HAA
Preparation of Check Disbursement Journal, Cash Disbursement  
Journal, Cash Receipt Journal and General JournalMonthlyRAC/MLM
Posting in General LedgerDailyRAC/MLM
Posting in Subsidiary LedgerDailyRAC/MLM
Posting in General Ledger of BarangaysDailyHAA/FARR
Preparation of Financial StatementsMonthlyRAC/MLM
Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statements – Other DepositsMonthlyRDJ
Submission of Financial Reports to LCE and other offices concernMonthlyRAC/HAA
Submission o Financial Reports to COA with its supporting documentsMonthlyRAC/HAA
Attend meetings/conferencesAs the need arisesRDJ/RAC/RVB/MLM
Attend seminarsAs the need arisesRDJ/RAC/RVB/HAA/FARR/MLM
Preparation and issuance of various certificationAs the need arisesRDJ/RAC/RVB/MLM
Office hours observed is five working days a week for 8 hours a day from 8:00 to 12:00 and 1:00 to 5:00. Office hours can be extended if needed for public service. Our Office is open to everybody who needs assistance LEGEND:  
  • RAC Rolyn A. Cuala, Municipal Accountant
  • RDJ Renato D. Juarez, Admin. Officer V
  • RVB Rona V. Burdeos, Admin. Assistant II
  • HAA Hazel A. Año, Admin. Aide IV
  • FARR Francia Adelou R. Reyes, Admin Aide IV
  • Rolyn A. Cuala    
  • Renato D. Juarez  
  • Marilyn L. Miralpez
  • Rona V. Burdeos    
  • Hazel A. Año  
  • Francia Adelou R. Reyes
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