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OLP on the Road

OPLAN LIGTAS NA PAMAYANAN, implemented 2019 capitalized in the strong engagement and cooperation between BFP and the communities. The program proved to be effective as the communities embraced the program and its lined activities. However, as the entire world is gripped with the threat of COVID-19, the very platform that makes OLP effective is now restricted. Nonetheless, OLP as the flagship fire prevention program on the BFP can adapt into the NEW NORMAL as its primary purpose is to secure the safety of the public regardless of any social restriction. The Bureau provide alternative fire prevention activities for OLP that are within the bounds of the health protocols for COVID-19


Date of Implementation: 21 September 2020

  1. OLP ON THE ROAD – To conduct Fire Truck Visibility in the targeted barangays twice a month

Target Barangay

  1. Poblacion Iraya
  2. Poblacion Ilaod
  3. Panaytayan
  4. Amomokpok
  5. Apad
  6. Binahan
  7. Liboro
  8. Lower Omon
  9. Catabangan


2. ENHANCE COMMUNITY MONITORING (ECM) – Revisiting of the formulated CFPP in previously barangays in order to identify critical areas where a fire incident is most-likely happen. Coordination with CFAG and sub-unit leaders.

3. AGGRESSIVE SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE – Posting of Fire Safety Tips daily on social media (Pls. Follow our Official FB _


Recent Activities

IMG 20200923 092918
Target1 RagayFS 1
Target1 RagayFS 3
Target2 RagayFS 1
Target2 RagayFS 3
Target3 RagayFS 1
Target5 RagayFS 2
Target6 RagayFS 1
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