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DOT Region V Conducts a 3-day Tourism Rapid Assessment of Potential Tourist Attractions in Ragay

Last November 28-30, 2019 DOT Region V conducted a 3-day Tourism Rapid Assessment of the following potential tourist attractions in Ragay

  1. Cave located at Barangay Agrupacion;
  2. Bagotayoc beach at Barangay Lohong;
  3. Ogtoc beach at Barangay Buenasuerte; and
  4. Beach resorts at Barangay Upper Omon and Lower Omon

This assessment aims to include Ragay’s potential tourist attractions in the list of the accredited tourist destination of DOT and also to check the readiness of the attractions and destinations to cater to tourists when LGU Ragay starts to promote them as part of the municipality’s five-year plan for tourism development and sustainability.

The Tourism Rapid Assessment (TRA) refers to the TRA process and TRA form. The TRA process involves a series of activities that need to be conducted to produce the desired output, from data gathering to writing the assessment narrative report. The TRA form may be a physical or digital listing of data that needs to be gathered, along with the guide to writing the assessment narrative report. The TRA may be conducted in a tourism site to generate quantitative and qualitative information on the site’s characteristics and values which may serve as input to tourism development planning, policy formulation, and promotion. In addition, it is a tool designed to promote sharing of knowledge between local communities, other stakeholders, and experts while enabling them to analyze situations and views concerning tourism development in their respective areas as these are essential to the success of a project, it’s planning, implementation, and monitoring.

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