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Barangay’s Fully Immunized Child (FIC) status

The Local Government Unit, led by Mayor Thaddeus Ramos, through the Municipal Health Office National Immunization Program, in partnership with UNICEF through Ms. Jona Ramos and Sir Ferdie Balmaceda, UNICEF consultants, and Relief International Philippines Inc. through Ms. Lovely Mae Ayat, called for a coordination meeting yesterday, March 25, 2024, as part of the third funding project for Covid-19 and Routine Immunization Delivery Support (CDS3).
Its main objectives include supporting bakuna events, presenting each barangay’s Fully Immunized Child (FIC) status, and carrying out local ordinances related to immunization programs in order to achieve common goals in the healthcare sector. We appreciate the efforts of our local health councilor, Hon. Kathleen Clemente, we are the first priority area to have a local ordinance on the National Immunization Program. The goal of this activity is to get the abovementioned legislation adopted at the barangay level.
Punong Barangays, Kagawad on health and the barangay treasurers committed to support the initiative aimed at raising the proportion of children who are protected from diseases that can be prevented by vaccination (VPD).
Additionally, UNICEF and RI visited MLGOO Nonilo Lopez to discuss working together to mobilize community support through interactions with various stakeholders, barangay authorities, and community groups to raise awareness of the value of immunizations.
The main goal is to promote cooperation by ensuring that everyone is aware of each other’s actions and how their efforts fit into the bigger strategy to enhance the percentage of fully immunized children in the Municipality of Ragay.
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